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Should You Count Calories?

There is no short answer to this question. Obviously, if you are at a calorie deficit you will lose weight. However it can also cause some people more harm than good. Counting calories can become very tedious. Especially if you are a person who easily becomes obsessive. You may concentrate so much on reaching the… Continue reading Should You Count Calories?

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Paleo treats to curb sugar cravings

We all love something sweet now and again, however we also don't want to binge on an entire cake. Here are some snacks/treats that have helped me curb those sweet cravings. 1. Date bars You can make these at home or find many varieties at the grocery store. Larabars has tons of different varieties to… Continue reading Paleo treats to curb sugar cravings

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Starchy Carb and Grain Replacements

Let me start by saying that starchy carbs and grains mostly consist of things like bread, cereal, pasta, white potatoes, rice and many others.As a paleo lifestyler these things are a no no. My carb intake comes mostly from fruits and root vegetables. 1. Cauliflower instead of rice I know most people have heard of… Continue reading Starchy Carb and Grain Replacements