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My Heavy Leg Workout

As promised here is my heavy leg routine. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use heavy weights. These exercises can be done with whatever weights work for you.

Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 4×6-8 reps

Remember to keep your spine neutral during this exercise and slightly bend your knees. This exercise really targets the hamstrings and glutes. Remember to squeeze at the top of the lift.

Sumo Squats: 4×6-8 reps

Same rules of the squats apply to this exercise. The only difference is you are standing with feet wider than shoulder width with toes pointed slightly out. I like to alternate the weight positions between sets. I do this by holding the weight in front of me and behind on my shoulders.

Split squat/Static Lunge: 4×6-8 reps

A static lunge is just like a standard lunge. The only difference is that you are staying on one side the entire set instead of switching legs. I like to stack weight plates under the front foot for extra depth. Unilateral exercise are important to do. Especially when training heavy. We want our muscles to be equally strong. We all have a side that is stronger or even bigger than the other. Unilateral leg exercises can help with that.

Hamstring Curls: 4×10-12

This exercise can be done many different ways. You can use the cable attachment. Or you can use the standard hamstring curl machine. The way I do this exercise is actually using the quad extension machine. I just turn around and lift the pad facing the opposite direction. I find I get better tension using this method.

Walking Lunges 3×20

I love this one to really finish off the legs. You can use body weight or while holding weights. You just basically are walking across the floor in a lunge position. My legs are usually toast by the end of the last set.

I always finish off my leg workouts with a glute burn out.

Glute Bridges: 4×20

You can use a mini band or just your body weight. You can even add a weight on top of you pelvic area to really add more resistance. By placing my feet in different stances/positions it helps create tension in different areas of the glute muscles.

This is what one of my current leg days look like. I am training legs two times a week. I like a few days in between to allow the muscles time to rest.

This workout can be done with different amounts of weights and rep ranges. If you are training with lighter weights, this workout can be done three times a week. Remember to always warm up and stretch after a workout.

Remember it takes time, good nutrition and persistence to see results. Be patient and don’t give up!


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