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Challenge Update Day 1

So first day after my new fitness challenge of lifting much heavier with lower reps. I am sooore!😌 It feels really good. I usually recover very quickly from a workout. So this is definetly different for me. Its good to shock our bodies with new things.

Here is my current workout schedule.

Monday: Legs(lower body) biceps/triceps

Tuesday: HIIT cardio and abs

Wednesday: Shoulders, chest and abs

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Leg day(lower body) and back

Saturday: Plyos/HIIT and abs

Sunday: Rest Day

I can usually only get to the gym 3x a week. So I do most of my weight training crammed into those 3 days. But it works for me.

I will continue posting updates and include some workouts as well.πŸ˜‰


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